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tinderbox, hypertext

Mnemoscene: back to the wikis

I mentioned, in the last entry, that I'm working on a digital RPG.  Well, for me, world-building happens through wikis.  Arguably, I think in wikis ... or, rather in hypertext.  I appreciate how deciding the size of the lexia helps give a concrete border to the atomic size of an element.  I like how forging links pushes me to consider what object best defines a phrase.  And it's so easy to see the loose ends, and to pick them up later, in the form of links that go to as-yet-undefined pages.

So tonight I installed Dokuwiki, an old favorite wiki engine, on grendel.org.  I ported over the last wiki that I made with that engine, which covered the world building and game log from the last D&D game I ran, now over 10 years ago.  I set up a namespace and a few pages for my new project, and directed the domain names there: mnemoscene.com and mnemoscene.net (How were those names not taken despite the SIC?)

I'm excited to dig into it, to get my scattered world-building notes out of Evernote and into a proper hypertext.  To start stubbing out links to follow up on.


Yeah, it's not yet real progress, like playable progress, but it is progress? I think?

I like the strange and nerdy portability of Dokuwiki documentation. Dokuwiki's data all sits in .txt files with, you know, light markup, but its not hidden in a database and you bring to bear all the manipulations that you can run on plaintext to it. Yum.

I've run a bunch of other hypertext engines. I love Tinderbox, for instance. But I can't throw Tinderbox files up on a server and edit them from three different computers and my iPad based on where I happen to be sitting when an idea comes along. Stuff like Evernote comes closer, it's always there and syncs nicely, but it's not great at true hypertext, which seems to be important to me.